The Japanese Culinary Academy UK was established in London, in July 2015, in response to the growing interest in Japanese cuisine in Europe and North America. The Academy takes as its principle objective the promotion of promoting greater understanding and interest in authentic Japanese cuisine.

The first pillar of our activity as an Academy is the provision of training and education opportunities, such as seminars, to culinary professionals based in the United Kingdom and working with Japanese food.

In 2014, as a preliminary event, the Academy invited Dr. Kumiko Ninomiya, of the Ajinomoto Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies, to hold a seminar on dashi—Japanese stock naturally rich in umami. In 2015, the Academy worked with Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (ZEN-NOH) to hold a workshop on authentic Japanese wagyu beef. Both events were very well received.

The second pillar of our activities is the provision of information exchange and networking opportunities to businesses involved with Japanese cuisine—be it restaurants, manufacturers, or importers—by encouraging representatives of those businesses to be part of the Academy.

In 2014, we worked with an informal committee of representatives with diverse commercial interests in Japanese cuisine to discuss and develop a plan for the foundation and development of the Academy.

The third pillar of our activities is the organisation of events designed to give general consumers in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe the opportunity to learn more about the origins of, and further understanding of, Japanese cuisine. This includes providing a platform for students and children to learn more about food and dietary health.

We also undertake other associated activities in order to further promote Japanese food and drink.

Our events and activities are open to all members, be they culinary professionals or not. In addition to a corporate membership scheme, we also have a Friends category of membership, which does not require the payment of membership fees. However, Academy Friends will be informed of and invited to Academy activities.